Monday, 9 January 2017

Pictures from Ukraine 2016

Last month I visited Ukraine. A real heaven for someone who likes oldtimers. First of all I lived in a small city at the south of the country - Izmail.

Here people still drive LADA 2101 as every day car and lot of old soviet stuff were there:

A Tavria pick-up:

 'Don't mess with my ZIL':
 ZIL 131:
 The contrast VAZ 2106 and Range Rover Sport:
 A VAZ 2101 and a late ukrainian LAZ-4206
 GAZ 3307:
 ZIL 130:
 An old MTZ-50 and a VAZ 2101:
 This one ran away! It was a cabrio with the front of a LADA 2113. Probably self-made?
 GAZ Volga 24:
 A country landspace isn't complete without LADAs:
 VAZ 2101, GAZ 53 and ... Lexus:
Post soviet GAZ Volga 31105:
 MAZ 5551:
Abandoned VAZ Oka 1111:
Old LADAs are popular, but Moskvich are almost extinct, here a 2140:
 A Chevrolet Niva (the second generation Niva bought by Chevrolet) and the well known Duster:
Abandoned GAZelle Ambulance:
 A very rare IZH 2125 Kombi with the early chrome grille:
 LADAs, 2101 and 2106, and a very soviet building:
 GAZ Volga 31029:
 Also a very rare RAF 3310! Almost lost it:
 Tavria Slavuta and LADA 21099:
A GAZ 53 still at work:
 Old JUMZ-6 Bagger and ZIL MMZ-555:
 The people there discovered aliexpress! A chinese trycicle:
 A LADA Kalina near a typical panel-house:
 MAZ 5335 Crane:
 Lots of export LADAs are there as well! Here is one:
 And another one, a Samara Baltic:

 Some nice early Samaras - VAZ 2108:
This one in almost perfect state!

 A Hungarian Ikarus 255:

 This guy calls his Niva cute - 'Nivushka':
 A Czech motorcycle JAWA:
 This one is very very rare!!! A KAZ-608B built in Georgia!!!
Also a quite rare passenger version of the IZH 2717:

A nice VAZ 2103:
 And as last a couple of new ones. Because the trade between Russia and Ukraine has difficulties now, Ukranians buy a lot in Belorussia. Lots of new MAZ Trucks, instead of KAMAZ are there:
 However the Russian GAZ sells it's new GAZelle Next:
 The LEDs can change their colour, depending on her mood ;)
 A nice one - Toyota FJ Cruiser:
And a brain new Audi Q7 at the... market:

Odessa is known because of its resort and beach clubs at the Black Sea. However in the winter there wasn't a lot to see. 
Probably one of the ugliest cars in the world - the Chery Jaggi. It is so ugly, that I somehow like it:
 Again, an old Ikarus 255:
 A lowriding GAZ Volga 24:
 Nicely painted VAZ 2101:
A true oldtimer from the fifties GAZ M20 Pobeda:
Our next stop was Kiev. All the political disasters are over, and the city looks good and alive:

Christmas market:
Lots of buildings at the center had this type of street art. Looks nice:
 Nice tuning:
 How much money you see here:
 And here?
But lets get back to the old stuff. A Firetruck ZIL 131 at the main street - Khreshchatyk:

And a GAZ 24-10 lost in the city jungle:
 And just to finalize - our transport to the airport - Nissan Leaf taxi:

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