Monday, 18 January 2016

ZIL AC-40(130)-163 - An unusual firetruck

In 1973 the Soviet Intitute of Design (VNIITE) came with a proposition of a firetruck with a very unusual layout. Instead of mounting the equipment on a standard truck chassis and using a standard cab, they designed their own cabin. The truck was based on the ZIL 130. The firemen were sitting on both sides near the frame – these made it possible to decrease the floor level to only 490mm. The bus doors were meant to quickly exit the car when arriving at the fire place. Because of the lower height of the truck the center of gravity was lowered as well, this increased its stability and manoeuvrability. Sadly only 4 of them where built, two 4x2 and two 6x6. Only one 6x6 version survived till nowadays, so that is why I chose to recreate the 4x2:

Thursday, 7 January 2016

SMZ-NAMI Sputnik

A prototype created by NAMI (The soviet automotive institute) in 1962. It was meant for the SMZ plant to replace the S3-A model. The S3-A was a car for disabled people and was not really luxiorius. The Sputnik however was a bit more sereous, and looked more like a car. It featured a bigger 15bhp engine, 2+2 interior and a very stylefull exterior. The engineers even included a version with standard controls: