Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Soviet prototype 3D printed

It is already a long time ago that I printed the NAMI 013 Chita prototype. Finally I was able to paint and finish the model:

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

KD Sport 900 - Soviet Thunderbird

In the Soviet Union there was a whole branch of the automotive industry - the selfmade cars. Because there were no much choice of serial produced cars, many people created their own cars using the same spare parts from the serial produced cars. Big shows featuring these selfmade cars were organized. Some of these cars were build by professionals from the industry as well. So was this beatiful 2+2 Coupe, called KD Sport 900, built in 1963. It was built using the suspension and engine of a ZAZ 965, with its 27hp watercooled V4. The body was made from fiberglass, which resulted in a very lightweight car and despite of the small engine it reached the 120km/h. So here it is the Sport Coupe for the Soviet People: