Wednesday, 28 January 2015

MAZ 2000 Perestroika

It is a modular roadtrain, which was showed on the Paris motorshow in 1988, and made a complete success. The idea was, that the tractor had only 1 axle. The cabin was rigidly attached to the trailer, and the complete axle was used for turning. The cabin consists of a motor module and the living space. The motor modules could be added to the trailers to build large roadtrains. The basic configuration with one trailer had a weight of 33tons, but could be extended to 41tonn, when using triple axle trailer. The most impressive thing is that MAZ did not build a showcar , but a full scale working prototype, which drove to Paris on his own!

Different front end designs, which changed through the years:

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Spotting Soviet Dinosaurs

Photos of Soviet cars, I made travelling in ex-soviet republics.

To start with Latvia and Estonia:

A Moskvich 402 from 1956. A true oldtimer.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Virtual Collection: Minibus Start '1964

One of my hobbies is automotive history. I like to search rare and unknown prototypes from the past. Because sometimes they do not survive till nowadays and only a few pictures of those cars are saved, I decided to revive them by creating 3D models.

To start with, I chose the 'Start' minibus (just a coincidence). It is a vintage designed van built in 1964-1970 in the USSR. It uses the engine and suspension of the GAZ 21 'Volga' and offers place for 10 people. The body is made from fiberglass. The part, is the most uncommon part of the car, because this minibus has a trunk! About 100 units were built. Only two did survive till nowadays and have been completely restored. Both are in private collections, however they are often showcased at oldtimer events.